Cookies n Cream x Tina x Gelato 33

Scoops is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, bred by crossing three powerhouse strains, Gelato, Cookies & Cream, and Tina.

Not to be confused with the hybrid, 2 Scoops, the Scoops strain produces potent and powerful Indica leaning effects, described by fans as providing a sense of blissful mental and physical relaxation, with a psychotropic experience they say leaves them in a sedative state, making it somewhat challenging to maintain cognitive function when consumed in larger doses. Reviewers recommend that users who are sensitive to high levels of THC take some caution when enjoying this strain by starting in smaller, controlled quantities.

Scoops’ deep purple buds are frosted in a golden layer of glandular, resinous trichomes, amid uniquely structured buds and light, fire orange, fuzzy pistils. When breaking apart the buds of Scoops, it emits a sweet, earthy, slightly citrus, musky aroma, hinted with notes of light petrol. Reviewers enjoyed its flavor, similar to its aroma, being sweet and earthy, with undertones of nutty musk, and a petrol aftertaste that tends to linger on the tongue.

Consumers combating symptoms of insomnia and reduced appetite have shared that Scoops was a good find to assist in those areas. Dominant terpenes found in Scoops are Limonene, Beta-Myrcene, and Linalool, while THC levels have been known to test at around 27%.

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