Chem Sorbet

GMO x Sherbcrasher

Chem Sorbet is an indica cannabis strain, with powerful, relaxing energy, and an instant elevation in mood, according to fans of this strain. They share that the happiness and lifted spirits carry along, as the body melts into a deep relaxation that can eventually lead to sleep.

A sweet aroma confronts your olfactory senses when you first open the packaging. Fruit and berry sweetness combine with diesel fuel aroma, to create an unusual, but very enticing smell.

The Chem Sorbet buds vary in colors from lime green to very dark purple, with leaves of each hue intermingling among the others. A furry layer of golden trichomes coats the buds.

Prominent terpenes from this strain include Limonene, Linalool, and Myrcene. Chem Sorbet is a potent and powerful strain, according to many consumers, and one that may best be enjoyed somewhere you can relax, and perhaps recline.

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2 Responses to "Chem Sorbet"

  1. I’m in Reno. Sometimes, when I’m lucky Thrive Marketplace Dispensary carries your delicious Chem Sorbet! It is my fave!! With its lovely raspberry , purple and black leaves! It’s incredible!
    So they hardly ever have it, but they had the pre rolls so I purchased a Chem Sorbet pre roll.. from Redwood Trees🤔
    Yet it wouldn’t hit so I opened it.. didn’t see one colored leaf! Even your description mentions the colors. Even grinded you can see it’s composition and there’s nothing colored in it. Also it tasted like Chlorophyll, ya know that homegrown taste!!
    Anyway not sure what was in it to my disappointment and I won’t ever buy one again.. Unless I see your flower in whole in a jar, not purchasing whatever was in there again..
    Wow what a disappointment 😭

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