Watermelon Skittlez x Lemon Tree

Grandiflora: Melonatta is the love child of Watermelon Zkittlez and Lemon Tree. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid cultivated by Grandiflora. About half of the dense Melonatta buds’ surface area is made of confetti-like ribbons of fiery-orange pistils. The olive and fern-green curled leaves have gold bright spots from the fuzzy trichome moss. Melonatta smells like lemon-pine cleaner, with hints of skunk. The flavor has some tangy lemon notes that definitely help improve the pine and skunk taste.

Users report a psychoactive elation, that is smooth and euphoric, with many feeling enhanced energy and motivation, making Melonatta a great day time choice. Pain reductions and the easing of physical discomfort was the next most reported effect. Melonatta is a zesty Sativa, that has reportedly helped many users stay energized and keep moving pain-free, which they say resulted in a better mood.

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