Lions Mane

Lemon Delight x Pura Vida

Lemonnade: Lions Mane has been reviewed by consumers to offer a euphoric head high and a slightly relaxing onset of effects. Named after its Fungi counterpart, Lions Mane cerebrally stimulating onset of effects has been reviewed by some consumers to be ideal for creatives or those looking for an evenly balanced day-time strain. Some consumers have reviewed Lions Mane to help with alleviating depression, anxiety, and stress.

This hybrid cannabis strain has been known to produce a tart citrus and piney aroma, accompanied by a sweet, citrus, almost berry-like flavor. Depending on the consumption method, some users have reported Lions Mane to have a slightly minty and piney aftertaste. Along with its vibrant flavor profile and aroma, these tightly packed spade-shaped buds are covered in bright fire orange pistils and golden layer trichomes. Underneath its resinous layer of trichomes, these buds will bear various shades of forest greens. Lions Mane is considered to be a visually and aromatically appealing hybrid cannabis strain.

The stimulating experience of Lions Mane has been reported to have a slightly sedative come down and may cause a case of severe munchies. Be sure to keep a snack handy when consuming this strain.

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